Doctor Reviewing Xray
Our highly-qualified and experienced Cincinnati radiology team will work with referring physicians and patients to help solve the most complex diagnostic problems and administer appropriate therapeutic interventions.


Despite your location, teleradiology can give you access to Northeast Radiology's highly qualified, sub-specialized radiologists. The expertise and experience of our Cincinnati radiology team in combination with rapid turnaround times for image interpretations, can significantly improve patient care.

Teleradiology Overview

The teleradiology process begins with the submission of radiographic images from virtually any modality to a Northeast Radiology server. Our sub-specialized team of Cincinnati radiologists will interpret the images and dictate a report, which is available to the submitting physician within hours. Every step of the process adheres to HIPAA compliance guidelines, ensuring that your patients' information remains secure and private.

Technology Standards for Teleradiology

For the transmission of images and reports to be successful, certain standards must be met for image formatting and compression, security, and internet access. Depending on your current equipment and technology infrastructure, you may incur some start up costs to utilize teleradiology. There are significant benefits to teleradiology, which can make any initial start up costs a sound investment in your practice.

If interested in utilizing Northeast Radiology's Teleradiology services, contact Maureen Buescher at (513) 984-1443.