Doctors Reviewing a Scan
Our highly-qualified and experienced Cincinnati radiology team will work with referring physicians and patients to help solve the most complex diagnostic problems and administer appropriate therapeutic interventions.

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies to help doctors identify the best treatments and those that have the fewest side effects. Clinical trials are done according to very strict protocols (guidelines). These guidelines describe the goals of the study, who can be in the study, what drugs and tests participants will take, how many patients are to be enrolled, the information that will be collected, and the information people must be given when they are deciding to participate. People who participate in clinical trials are provided the best treatment currently available, plus the possibility of getting a new treatment that has shown promise. These trials usually involve large numbers of patients that fit specific criteria. These studies help improve the overall standard of care.

Northeast Radiology participates in various clinical studies. We pride ourselves on contributing to the advancement of medicine and providing patients in the Cincinnati area with the latest screening and treatment alternatives.

If interested in utilizing Northeast Radiology for your clinical research study, please contact Maureen
Buescher at (513) 984-1443.